Posh Puff offers play and dress up gifts & accessories for baby, kids and moms including ChewBling: chic silicone nursing jewelry, vintage headbandPoshPuff-Deal-bundle01-sleeper-onesies & hair clips, mini felt crowns, fancy tutu pettiskirts, shopping bags, play dough and more! Posh Puff excites the imagination and encourages creative play!

We are featuring adorable organic cotton and bamboo clothing made by Paper Cloudz, an eco-friendly clothing company that is inspired by the whimsical and innocent nature of children from around the world. Their collections infuse the love of different cultures across the globe with unique and comfy designs. They use certified organic cotton, bamboo viscose and recycled fabrics in their clothing. They believe in social responsibility and manufacture ethically and sustainably, and donate a percentage of profits to organizations that benefit children and environmental causes.

Choose from 4 different clothing bundles, there’s sure to be something for every little guy and gal!

Cuddle Price $34.00 to 39.00 (Regular Retail $68.00 to $130.00)!




Mini_HumanBody_LifestyleThese educational travel play sets by Mona MELisa Designs are:


Each set contains:

  • Full color 11”x17” adhesive fabric background
  • 7.5” x 14.5” sheet of fabric sticker pieces that can interact on the background.

The background and sticker pieces can be stored in the re-sealable, clear, poly bag that the set is shipped in.

Eight different educational sets!

Solar System play set teaches planet recognition, solar system configuration, constellations, phases of the Earth’s moon, seasons of the year, the earth’s axis and rotation around the sun, eclipses, galaxy shapes and recognition, and black holes.

World Map play set teaches continent names, continent geography, map reading, compass readings and directional, bodies of water recognition and geography, latitude and longitude, world cultural landmarks and climate zones and temperatures.

Human Body play set teaches systems of the body (digestive, circulatory, nervous, muscular, skeletal), recognition of organs, organ placement in the body, recognition of bones, bone placement in the body, integration of body systems and spelling.

Habitat and Environment play set teaches a basic understanding of how an ecosystem works, animal recognition and classification (reptile, mammal, bird, fish, amphibian or insect), habitat recognition and classification, the traits of different animal species, herbivore, carnivore or omnivore, food chain (producer, consumer, top consumer), natural resources definitions and examples, renewable and non-renewable resources definitions and examples.

Letters and Numbers play set teaches upper and lower case letter recognition, spelling, phonics, letter and word matching, counting, number recognition, addition and subtraction, number patterns and place value.

Math set teaches equivalent fractions, numerator vs. denominator, the properties of multiplication, multiplication and division practice, geometric shapes, angles and lines, perimeter and area, addition and subtraction and tangrams.

Money and Time play set teaches coin recognition, coin value, fractions of a dollar, paper money recognition, paper money value, making change, equivalent coin and paper money values, addition and subtraction of money, cents sign vs. dollar sign, time telling to the hour (analog and digital), time telling to 5 minutes (analog and digital), recognition of AM vs. PM, fractions on the clock, and quarter past and quarter till the hour.

USA Map play set teaches State capitals, State geography, map reading, compass readings and directional, bodies of water recognition and geography, mountain range recognition and geography, US landmarks and State crops and exports.

NOTE: Mona MELisa Designs has chosen to use an adhesive fabric product for the sticker pieces due to its durability. The fabric material will not rip or tear when the pieces are moved around, stuck and unstuck. However, because of the fibrous nature of the fabric material we use, you may see a softening of the threads around the edges of the fabric pieces after they have been played with. This is normal ‘wear and tear’ of a fabric product. It will not affect the adhesive or the structure of the pieces themselves.

Cuddle Price $17.99 (Regular Retail $28) and $8 flat rate shipping!





Combine style and convenience in an eco-friendly container you can fill with homemade smoothies and blended snacks! Easy to fill and clean through the top zipper opening and enjoyed by drinking from the side spout, Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches are great for kids taking healthy snacks on the go or easy feeding of infants and toddlers!

•   New! Featuring reinforced zipper seals and thinner material for easy squeezing.
•   Reusable – Yummi Pouches can be filled over and over with healthy blended snacks.
•   Freezer safe – Make a big batch of your child’s favorite blended snacks or smoothies.
•  Dishwasher safe – Simply rinse with warm water, expand the pouch and stand upside down in the dishwasher.
•   Easy to fill – Pour or spoon in food though the wide top zipper opening.
•   Holds up to 6 ounces
•  Backed by a 30-day product guarantee
•   BPA free, PVC free and phthalate free

Choose from either a Yummi Pouch Brights set of 4 assorted patterns ($9.99) or Yummi Pouch Classic set of 6 ($11.99).


Take snacks or sandwiches on the go with Yummi Pouch cloth snack and sandwich bags. They are lined with a moisture resistant interior and decorated with colorful prints. Perfect for sandwiches, crackers, chips, and dry snacks.

•  Snack bag measyummi-pouch-snack-bags2ures 4 in. x 7 in.
•  Sandwich bag measures 7 in. x 7 in.
•  Top zipper opening
•  BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, and lead-free nylon
•  Moisture resistant
•  Recommended wash in the dishwasher or washing machine on warm

Choose from 6 super cute patterns!

Set of 3 Snack Bags are just $12.99 and Sandwich Bags are $4.99 each!



Cuddle Price $4.99-$12.99 (Regular Retail $8.45-$21.50) and $4 flat rate shipping!






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