featured Mom: Kerry Sauriol of SAHMedia.com, Crunchy Carpets and Wet Coast Women

by True Cuddles on May 15, 2011

Kerry Sauriol

Meet Kerry Sauriol, mom of three busy kids, and owner of three equally busy companies. SAHMedia.com, Wet Coast Women and the award-winning Crunchy Carpets blog are the brainchildren of Kerry. Read on to learn more about how she juggles it all while still having fun and keeping her great sense of humour. Clean socks optional, of course.

We hope you find Kerry as creatively cool as we do!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself– BORING.  I am a mother of three insane children.  Adam is 8, Caitlyn is 6 and Tara is 20 months. I have been married for almost 13 years. I drifted through life and really didn’t hit my stride till I had kids and at the age of (almost) 42 feel like I almost know what I want to be when I grow up.

2. If you had to describe your business in less than 15 words, how would you do it?  – My newest baby is SAHMedia.com. Basically using my Crunchy Carpets experience to help brands and businesses use Social Media to reach their target markets.

3. What is your inspiration for your business? – Along with a background in marketing, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with PR companies and corporations with branding and influence building using blogs and the power of the review blogger. I thought there had to be a way I could combine my love of social media networking and blogging and turn it into a real live business.

4. If you weren’t a mom-prenuer, you would be a…-probably driving the PAC insane.

5. What is the most rewarding thing about being a mom? A mom-preneur? – Being a mom has stripped me down to the bare bones of who I am and what I can handle. The highs and lows of parenting build you up for anything. Being a mom is what has helped me gain confidence to start my own work. Being a mom helps me stand up for who I am and what I want for myself and my family.

6. What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a mom-preneur? – Patience. Pick something that works for you. Pick something that you can LOVE spending time doing. 

7. Something funny your kid has said  – That is a daily thing around here.  Today it was from Caity. “Is ET an old movie, mom? Why isn’t it in black and white?”

8. What keeps you motivated? – Support. Little victories that show me I am not totally on the wrong track.

9. What is your guilty pleasure? – I love nothing more than a good book and some chocolate ALL ALONE IN BED.

10. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned as a mom {so far}? – Humility. Admitting your flaws.

11. If I had a million dollars, the first thing I would do is…– Pay debts, buy house, spend rest on shoes.

12. What else would people like to know about you and your family?  Books? Movies? – we are total nerds in this family….sci fi, fantasy….no mommy book clubs for us at the House of Crunch!

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